COVID-19 Financial Survival Program

Navigating the financial impacts of COVID-19 is not easy – there is a lot to get your head around and you need to do it quickly. In response we created this 7 day program with everything we know that can help.

Our Response to the Pandemic

We’ve pulled together everything we know that can help and we’ve made it available as a coaching program.

This program runs for 7 days and new programs start every day commencing Monday 2nd August 2021.

If you’d rather do things at your own pace and in your own order we’ve also made this information available on the Living Money Well blog site – just head over there are search for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Financial Survival Program will help you

The coaching program is run online using the MoneyBrilliant app, email and a private Face Book Group. You’ll also have access to our Money Coaches for extra help if you need it.

The coaching program is only available to our MoneyBrilliant Plus customers. You can sign up to MoneyBrilliant Plus for just $9.90 per month. This means the minimum cost of completing the coaching program is $9.90.

To sign up for the coaching program you need to have an active MoneyBrilliant account and you must be a MoneyBrilliant Plus customer. You can signup from our website or you can download the app from the App Store or the Play Store. If you need to upgrade to MoneyBrilliant Plus you can do that in the app.

To signup to the COVD-19 Financial Survival Program please complete the following form: 

What our Customers are Saying

LisaHawthorne, VIC
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"Thank you so much, week 9 was incredibly helpful. I've been so anxious about my credit card debts, and while it's confronting, having a strategy in place has really helped my extreme anxiety over the issue."
KenAlbany, QLD
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“Boot camp was fantastic. Having a money coach to ask questions of was really helpful. The weekly tasks were well set out and helped me focus on one thing at a time. I got a cheaper rate on my mortgage; I’m saving about $700 per year on electricity and about $800 per year on my insurances. We’ve set a budget we can follow. And now we’re focused on clearing credit card debt and saving towards a holiday in 2021. I know what I want to achieve with my money. Awesome MoneyBrilliant.”
BridgetToowoomba, QLD
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"The Money Brilliant Boot Camp gave me the clarity and support I needed to get me on the right track with my money. The weekly tasks were simple to understand and follow and by the end of the camp, I finished with some actual real savings and a great framework for my future financial security. The MB team were super friendly and their non-judgment and support towards my issues and questions about money is the main reason I would highly recommend this camp to anyone needing some help getting on track with their money. A huge thank you to Jen and the MB team!!"
RobHazelwood Park, SA
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"Given its budget week and that it's played such a huge part in my financial life since subscribing in Oct 2018... I believe that the 45% increase in savings is directly proportional to how MB has made watching money so easy!"
KylieCarina, WA
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"Thank you for the bootcamp. Last week I tackled my health and house & contents insurance and have saved myself $2000 for the year!!!!! Now I am on a roll I am working on the banks!!! This has been awesome so glad I joined the bootcamp it gave me a big kick up the bottom to dedicate the time to make huge savings!!!"
DannySydney, NSW
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"I was accepted into the Money Brilliant Boot Camp and I must say I’m very thankful for the opportunity. The “Boot Camp” assisted me in understanding my finances a lot better and the functions that Money Brilliant is able to provide."

Other important information

To get started you need to be a MoneyBrilliant Plus customer (which will cost you $9.90 a month). The minimum cost to complete the COVID-19 Financial Survival Program will be $9.90 (one months plus subscription). Payment details can be entered in the MoneyBrilliant app. At the end of the program you can continue to use MoneyBrilliant Plus or downgrade to the free MoneyBrilliant Basic plan. During the COVID-19 Financial Survival Program we will not provide you with personal financial product advice. Before you make any decisions about acquiring or disposing of a financial product you should read the relevant Product Disclosure documents or other product documents and consider seeking advice from a licensed financial adviser

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