At MoneyBrilliant we are all about helping you make better decisions about your money so you can live better lives. With that goal in mind we have designed three coaching programs that will empower you to get your finances under control. These programs will teach you how to make the most out of the tools in our app and are FREE for all our Plus members!

About our Coaches

Our financial coaches have a great mix of academic qualifications, industry experience and most importantly, life experience. Between them, they’ve worked for lots of different financial institutions, they have lots of experience in areas like accounting and financial planning and they understand concepts like budgeting, raising kids, managing debt and setting goals.

Their job is to help you through our coaching programs, to help you make better decisions about your money and to live a better life.

Getting started on anything new can be hard – but our coaches will make it easier. You can contact them by email, phone or web chat – whatever works for you.

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