Want to save money on your gym membership?

Gym memberships are a great way to stay fit and healthy. If you have one and use it regularly, chances are you are getting value for your money. 

If you are happy with what you pay, the facilities and your fitness, that’s fantastic! If you are not, then as long as you are not locked into a contract, you have options.

Just remember, as a member of a gym you are paying to access a service. If you are not accessing that service regularly it’s probably costing you more than it’s worth.

Gym owners understand people’s behaviour and so they know that it’s in their best interest to lock people into a contract when they sign up. Motivation is running high; good intentions abound and people just want to get started!

Why do you think that the price of a casual visit is high? It tends to be priced above what the price an annual membership would break down to weekly. However, if you pay $25 per visit and go 10 times before you stop, that’s $250. If you lock into an annual contract at $1,000 for the year and go 10 times, your visits work out to $100 each.

The reality is that over 50% of gym members don’t maintain their regular commitment to the end of their contract period. And this is where the gym is laughing.

We’re not saying your gym membership isn’t worth it. We’re just saying if you’re one of the 50% or more of people who pay and don’t go, either get rid of your membership completely or find somewhere you can pay per visit.

If committing to a gym is your thing, and you want to save, here are some ideas for paying less for your membership:

See if you can take a friend for free

  • At Fit’n’Fast you can take a friend every time you work out (split your membership with a mate?!)
  • At Goodlife, the top tier of membership allows you to bring a friend for free Friday to Sunday during staffed hours

Check your health fund & other membership benefits

  • With BUPA, you are entitled to 15% off certain memberships at EFM health clubs & Goodlife, and 10% with Fitness First
  • With HCF, you are entitled to 10% of certain Fitness First memberships

Take the no contract option:

  • It’s an extra $5 per week at Fit’n’Fast and you can cancel anytime
  • At Fitness First you can prepay your visits for $10 – $25 per session, depending on how many you buy

Try before you buy:

  • Groupon and Scoopon regularly have low-cost short term memberships available to a broad range of gyms, boot camps and Yoga/Pilates studios. This gives you room to try different places in your local area before committing to a longer term.
  • Many gyms have 3-7-day passes to let you get the feel for the gym, trying a few out in your area might give you the time to assess whether you can commit to regularly exercising for at least 12 months.

Choice put together a great article for those considering a gym membership, read here https://www.choice.com.au/health-and-body/diet-and-fitness/gyms/buying-guides/gym-memberships

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