Updates to People Like Me, Brand Administration and Partner Toolkit

In our September 2018 release we’ve updated People Like Me to use the latest data available from the ABS and ATO, we’ve added new brand administration features for MoneyBrilliant Partners and we’ve updated the Partner Toolkit. We’ve also added a number of new account connections to help you get a complete picture of your money.

People Like Me 

We’ve updated our People Like Me feature to use the latest spending and income data available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Tax Office.

MoneyBrilliant customers can use People Like Me to help answer questions like “Do I spend more than other people on eating out?” and “How does my grocery spending compare to other people?” or “How does my income compare to other people in my occupation?”

People Like Me is a paid feature available to customers on our MoneyBrilliant Plus Plan and to customers of MoneyBrilliant Partners.

Partner Toolkit

Based on feedback from MoneyBrilliant Partners, we’ve added additional charts to provide more granular analysis of spending trends. Charts are now available for each spending category.

We’ve also added account balance history data to the data export and to the Partner Toolkit. The Partner Toolkit now includes new charts that show changes in account balances over time. This new functionality is faster and easier than the old process of updating client toolkits. The old functionality will be phased out in future versions of the Toolkit.

Brand Administration

MoneyBrilliant Partner Access now includes new Brand Admin functions for Partners using the MoneyBrilliant Co-Branding option. Partners can now see all clients connected with their brand and can move clients between pricing plans attached to their brand.

Other Enhancements

In this release we’ve also made it easier and faster to categorise transactions – especially in our mobile apps – and improved the way bills and related transactions are categorised

New Account Connections

We’ve added a bunch of new connections and new account types since our last release including:

  • Government Super PSSap – Investments & Super
  • Premium Choice – Investments & Super
  • Qantas Money – Credit Cards
  • Unity Bank – Credit Cards
  • Regional Australia Bank – Loans
  • Spaceship – Investments & Super
  • Virgin Money – Bank Accounts
  • Yellow Brick Road – Bank Accounts

If you or your clients have an account at a financial institution we cannot currently connect to please let us know by sending an email to connect@moneybrilliant.com.au

Don’t just be good with money, be MoneyBrilliant.

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