Tricks to help you stick to your New Year’s Money Resolution

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Did you know that the most common resolutions revolve around health, fitness, weight and money?  We all know that motivation, consistency, and getting back on the wagon after falling off are key to success. So is goal setting, being realistic and celebrating success. Understanding your weak spots can help you avoid temptation. As with health and fitness, the common savings goal has many enemies. Here are some of the things that send us off track, along with tricks (or strategies) to help you stay strong. Things to avoid:
  • Going shopping without a list
  • Going out for a meal without setting a spending limit
  • Going out drinking without setting a spending limit
  • Shopping spontaneously for gifts
  • Shopping just for fun
  • Reading through the 50 emails you get a day from retailers whose number 1 goal is to get you to buy something
  • Buying now paying later – think credit card
  • Buying now paying later – think AfterPay or Zip
Tricks to staying strong:
  • Make a plan, set a budget and keep checking that you are sticking to it
  • Set up email rules to send retailers' emails to a separate folder
  • When you’re going out with mates tell them you’re on a budget and when it’s gone, leave
  • Convert what you’re about to buy to hours worked, is it still worth it?
  • Consider what else you could do with that money, is it still worth it?
  • Plan activities for your free time so you don’t unintentionally end up at the shopping mall
  • Share your goals, and get support sticking to them.
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