Spending Shakedown: Business Services

In practical terms, the Business Services category is not a large spending category for individuals and so it’s not really an area that most people will look at to reduce their spending. However, we’ve outlined several suggestions to reduce spending in this area below. 

Postage & Shipping

For the majority of people this will be a relatively minor area of spending. However, if you are spending a lot on Postage & Shipping consider these options:

  • Optimise your packaging – the smaller and lighter your item the cheaper your postage will be
  • Consider your delivery times – save Express Post for occasions when it really is required. Using it all the time will be expensive
  • Consider franking your post if you are posting letters

Office Expenses

For the majority of people the spending that ends up in this category is for things like home office stationery and computer consumables. They key to squeezing spending on these things is:

  • Plan and research your spending – spending in a hurry is almost never cheap
  • Research and compare prices – especially if you are regularly buying the same expensive things like printer ink or toner
  • Refer to our discount e-gift card hack – great for places like JB Hi-Fi (https://moneybrilliant.com.au/blogs/rewards-programs-and-discounted-gift-cards/)
  • Buy when things are on special – look online for specials or use online catalogue site lasoo.com.au

Training & Workshops

Most people have so little spending in this category that it will not be an area of focus. However, if you are looking for training or personal development opportunities there are some money saving opportunities on offer. We’d suggest you look at the following options:

Legal & Professional Services

Most people have so little spending in this category that it will not be an area of focus. If you regularly incur or are about to incur Legal and Professional Services we suggest you:

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