Personal financial coaching – what can I expect?

Do you want help to get your finances sorted?

MoneyBrilliant now offers personalised financial coaching for our customers. Our coaches can tailor this help so you just pay for what you need.

The very first thing we will ask is what result you want from your session or sessions. We have found people want a variety of things – but there is a definite Top 3. 


Sometimes identifying problem areas, or the places to spend less is the easy part. The hard part may be sticking to it. 

Perhaps you just need someone to check on you to make sure you are on track?

A popular way to use our coaching service is this – 

  1. Start with a session to review your spending and identify where it isn’t aligning with your goals, chat through what you want to change and achieve. Write out an action plan committing to real numbers and timeframes.
  2. Have a weekly, fortnight, or monthly follow-up where we review your spending together and work through any obstacles to following your plan and achieving your goals. 

Our coaches are happy to help you write an action plan that covers a 3 month, 6 month, or even 12 month period, with regular check ins to hold you to account.

Set Up MoneyBrilliant to work for you

One of the best ways to use the app to its full potential is by taking part in our 10 week Boot Camp. But for some people, that’s a long time. 

We can help with the following – 

  1. A tour of the app
  2. Getting set up in the app
  3. Reviewing your set up and use of the app and helping you understand the features
  4. Fast-tracking you through the boot camp program including aligning your spending to your goals and values, writing a debt plan, and setting up your budget for the future.

There are so many features in our app and you might find it easier to have someone talk you through these. Whether it’s something like linking your bank accounts, understanding the cashflow reports, transaction categorisation, setting up your budget, and safe spending – we can show you what to do!

We can screen share with you and point you in the right direction and then you can go away and undertake the tasks, having been guided through the process.

We can also show you the most efficient way of doing things!

Unique situation

Not everyone fits into a standard box – perhaps you’ve got your own side business or you’ve recently combined finances with a new partner. Your income may vary from month to month if you’ve recently gone out on your own or you have multiple mortgages and want to monitor this effectively. Circumstances change and we get that – that’s life! We can listen to you and help you with YOUR situation.

*Personal Financial Coaching is only available to MoneyBrilliant Plus customers. You can upgrade to MoneyBrilliant Plus in the MoneyBrilliant app or by logging into the MoneyBrilliant website. There is more information about our MoneyBrilliant Plus Plan, including our money back guarantee, available on our website


About MoneyBrilliant and how we can help

At MoneyBrilliant we believe that when people make better decisions about their money they live better lives. We can help you get your finances sorted, understand your spending, find banking products that will earn you more or cost you less, set savings goals, build a plan to own your home, track important insurance details, get your debt under control and build a retirement plan. MoneyBrilliant Plus customers can also join our money coaching programs. Whatever your starting point, we can help.

You can register for MoneyBrilliant online at or download our app from the App Store or the Play Store.

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