Are you paying too much for Pay TV?

Remember when Pay TV was new? There was only one provider and it was pretty expensive! If you were an early adopter of Pay TV there might be cheaper, better alternatives now so it’s worth considering your options. Making the decision to switch providers could save you almost $1,000 a year. 

Pay TV in Australia changed significantly when Stan and Netflix launched in early 2015. Until then Foxtel was the only game in town outside of free to air TV. As you can see from the chart below, it was pretty expensive.

Stan arrived in January 2015 and Netflix arrived in March 2015. As you can see in the chart, the average Pay TV expense dropped significantly as Stan and Netflix entered the market. Foxtel also dropped their prices to preempt the arrival of Netflix.

Today you can access even more services including Fetch TV and the average cost of Pay TV services is continuing to fall.

In deciding which Pay TV service is right for you, the cost is an important consideration. But of course, content is probably the key consideration and you also need to think about access. When you think about content, sport is the big difference between the various options and might be the reason you stick with an expensive service like Foxtel. You simply can’t get access to the same range of sport through a streaming service – yet. If you aren’t into sport, most other options are significantly cheaper.

You also need to think about access. Most services including Foxtel, are available on ADSL internet access so you will need to have this. Foxtel may also be available on Foxtel cable and satellite. All the streaming services work using your internet access – so if you don’t have reasonable internet access these might not be an option. You also need to think about your internet costs if you use one of the streaming services – but there are plenty of plans available that either provide unmetered access to Pay TV streaming services or provide enough download capacity to use them without blowing your limit.

This table is a summary of the typical costs of the main Pay TV services available:

ServiceCost per monthWebsite address
Foxtel Entertainment and Sport Pack$
Foxtel Entertainment Pack$
Fetch TV$15*
Netflix basic$

*$400 to purchase Fetch TV device

Choice have put together a comparison article which will give your more detail on pay TV services. You can read it here

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