New MoneyBrilliant features for Partners

The team at MoneyBrilliant is pleased to announce the most significant enhancements to MoneyBrilliant Partner Access since we launched the feature in early 2016.We implemented the first set of changes today, including: 

  • A major redesign of the Client List screen to make accessing client information much easier
  • A new Client Dashboard that provides a comprehensive summary of everything you need to know about a client
  • New account connections including Super SA, Lombard, Desktop Broker, Bank Australia, and WA Super

This is just the start of a series of new features we will deliver for MoneyBrilliant Partners over the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more announcements or contact us directly to get early visibility of the enhancements that are coming.

Major redesign of the Client List screen
In this release, we have made major changes to the Client List screen to provide faster access to important client information. From the Client List screen you can now see things like Last Login Date, Net Worth and Transaction Volumes for each client. Each column in the Client List screen is now sortable so you can easily find things like clients that haven’t logged in recently or clients with the highest Net Worth.

We have also introduced Filters on the Client List screen. You can apply Filters to find clients that match Last Login, Net Worth and Transaction criteria. Do you sometimes need to find things like all clients that made a voluntary contribution to their superannuation account? It’s now easy to do it right from the Client List screen.



New Client Dashboard
We have also introduced a new Client Dashboard to give Partners quick access to a comprehensive summary of information about each client.

The new Client Dashboard includes all the things you’d expect like Net Worth, account balances, recent transactions, budget tracking details and upcoming Bills. You can also see the contents of the Client Activity Feed and onboarding demographic information.

Of course, if you want to use the Client View and see things exactly the way your Client sees them that feature is still available


New account connections
We have also introduced a number of new account connections to allow your clients to connect even more of their financial products to their MoneyBrilliant account. These include:

  • SuperSA
  • Lombard – credit cards
  • Desktop Broker – share trading
  • Bank Australia – loans and credit cards
  • – bank accounts
  • WA Super

We are also working on connections for the following providers:

  • Gateway Credit Union
  • Qantas Cash
  • CommBank Superannuation

You can download an updated version of the Partner Access Guide from our Partner Access Resources page.

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