New for January 18 – Even smarter transaction categorisation, new Partner Toolkit and new connections

To kick off the new year we have a new version of MoneyBrilliant for our customers and Partners with an awesome new approach to categorising transactions, new account connections, a new version of the Partner Toolkit and bug fixes. 

Smarter transaction categorisation
Nobody likes manually categorising transactions – and incorrectly categorised transactions are probably worse.

We are now using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to make sure we provide the most accurate budget and spending analysis possible.

The MoneyBrilliant app provides super smart suggestions for uncategorised transactions and transactions that customers recategorise. In a later release we will move this to the core transaction categorisation itself.

We are confident we have the best categorisation available in the market – it’s the most accurate and we have the most specific spending and budgeting categories.

Check out the new category suggestions feature and let us know what you think.

New Account Connections
We’ve added a bunch of new connections and new account types for the following institutions:

  • Esso Employees Credit Union
  • Intrust Super
  • Legal Super
  • Liberty Finance
  • Wesfarmers Super
  • Westpac Business Credit Cards
If you have an account with any of these institutions you can now connect the account to MoneyBrilliant. To do this, simply login to MoneyBrilliant, go to Accounts and Add a new account. This short video shows you how to connect new accounts to your MoneyBrilliant account.

We are now working on connections and account types for RateSetter, Greater Bank Credit Cards, Queensland Country Credit Union and Stockspot. We hope to make these available soon.

If you or your clients have an account at a financial institution we cannot currently connect to please let us know by sending an email to

New version of the Partner Toolkit
We’ve updated the Partner Toolkit with some new features to make printing reports and charts even easier and faster. You can access the new version of the Partner Toolkit from the Export button in Partner Access.

If you haven’t used the Partner Toolkit yet I encourage you to check it out – it provides fantastic tools for reporting and analysing your clients money and is designed to make it quick and easy to prepare reports for client review meetings.

This short video provides an overview of the Partner Toolkit.

Bug fixes

We’ve also fixed some pesky bugs that have been hanging around for a while. As a result, you should find the MoneyBrilliant app easier to use in a number of areas.

We hope you enjoy these new features. If you have feedback on the new features or on any other aspect of the MoneyBrilliant service feel free to let us know at or complete a quick survey for us.

Don’t just be good with money, be MoneyBrilliant.

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