New features – introducing Bill Watch

Introducing Bill Watch – Saving MoneyBrilliant customers money on household bills 

We’re always looking for ways to help our customers save money so they can spend more on the things that are really important. To help them even more, we are introducing one of our best features yet – Bill Watch

Bill Watch will help our customers get the best deals on electricity and gas. Electricity and gas is just the start though, we will be adding more products and services as quickly as we can.

And it’s not just a one off, snapshot of the best deals available. We will continually scour the market for better deals on their bills and let them know how and when they might be able to save more money. We will also let them know when their service providers have increased their prices by sending them a Bill Shock Alert.

For an initial introductory period we are making Bill Watch available to all our customers, but soon it will be exclusive to our Plus Plan customers and customers of MoneyBrilliant Partners.

Customers can use it by setting up their Gas and Electricity Bills in MoneyBrilliant and turning on Bill Watch. For more information on how to set up Bill Watch you can watch this short video.

In App Subscriptions for iOS and Android apps

We’ve made it even easier to upgrade to MoneyBrilliant Plus by including in-app subscriptions for both iOS and Android. You can now pay for your MoneyBrilliant Plus plan through your iTunes and Google Play accounts. To access in-app subscriptions just go to the Settings – Plans screen in our iOS or Android apps.

In-app subscriptions are the same bargain price as our other subscriptions $9.90 per month or $99 per year.


New Account Connections

We are constantly working to bring customers new account connection options to make sure we can give them a full picture of their money. We have recently added connections for the following institutions and account types:

  • BT Panorama – investments
  • GESB – investments and superannuation
  • Origin Mortgage Management Services – banking and loans
  • QT Mutual Bank – credit cards
  • P&N Bank – credit cards
  • Virgin Money – bank accounts
  • UBank – investments
If customers have an account with any of these institutions they can now connect the account to MoneyBrilliant. To do this, they simply login to MoneyBrilliant, go to Accounts and Add a new account.

We are now working on connections for Australian Military Bank credit cards, Greater Bank credit cards, Implemented Portfolios investments, ING credit cards, Mercer Investments, Mortgage Choice loans, P&N Bank loans, Qantas Cash credit cards, Resimac loans and Westpac Business credit cards and loans. We hope to make these available soon.

If you have an account at a financial institution we cannot currently connect to please let us know by sending an email to

PractiFi integration
We have worked closely with PractiFi to integrate the MoneyBrilliant platform into the PractiFi platform. This integration is available in the PractiFi Barbara release.The integration allows PractiFi advisers to manage the MoneyBrilliant invitation process and view MoneyBrilliant client information, including account balances from within the PractiFi system.We are continuing to work with PractiFi to enhance the integration and deliver financial planners new capabilities based around continuous financial planning.You can see a short video describing the integration with PractiFi here.

For more information contact us at or contact PractiFi.

We hope you enjoy these new features. If you have feedback on the new features or on any other aspect of the MoneyBrilliant service feel free to let us know at or complete a quick survey for us.

Don’t just be good with money, be MoneyBrilliant.

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