April 17 – New features to help you make better decisions about your money

The Team at MoneyBrilliant are pleased to announce a number of great new features in our latest release, including: 

  • Awesome enhancements to the Alerts feature
  • New financial institution connections

Awesome enhancements to the Alerts feature
A key part of MoneyBrilliant has always been helping you stay on top of what’s happening with your money. Our new Alerts functionality takes this to a whole new level. We’ve built configuration of Alerts into the iOS and Android apps now to make it much easier to setup. Of course, you can still configure Alerts in the browser version of MoneyBrilliant too.

You can now configure Alerts for:

  • Low account balances
  • High account balances
  • Deposits into your accounts
  • Withdrawals from your accounts
  • Fees & charges paid from your accounts
  • Bills (including when a bill is paid, if you miss a bill and reminders about bills due to be paid)

Alerts can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can decide which accounts they operate on and what the threshold values are for each account.

You can use Alerts for things like: tracking when you get paid (Deposit Alert), when your superannuation is paid (Deposit Alert), making sure you always keep some cash in your transaction account (Low balance Alert) and making sure you never keep too much cash in your low interest transaction account (High balance Alert).

Alerts can be delivered by to your Activity Feed, by Mobile Notifications and/or by Email. To configure Alerts simply login to MoneyBrilliant and go to Settings – Alerts or click on the button below.



New Financial Institution connections
At MoneyBrilliant we pride ourselves on the range of local and overseas institutions we can connect with to bring all your financial information together for you. We are constantly working to add new institution connections to the service.

We have recently added the following connections:

  • Bank Australia – transaction accounts and savings accounts
  • MyState Financial – transaction accounts and savings accounts
  • Police Bank – transaction accounts and savings accounts, credit cards, loans
  • Acorns Australia – investments

If you have an account with one of these institutions you can now connect it to MoneyBrilliant to provide you with a complete picture of your money.

To add a new connection simply login to MoneyBrilliant and go to Accounts or click the button below.



We are now working on connections for:

  • Media Super
  • Super SA
  • Lombard Credit Cards

We expect these to be available soon.

If you have financial accounts at an Institution that we don’t currently connect to please let us know by sending us an email at connect@moneybrilliant.com.au

We hope you enjoy these new features. If you have feedback on the new features or any other aspect of the MoneyBrilliant service feel free to let us know at connect@moneybrilliant.com.au

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