Our new Connector for Salesforce and updates to the Partner Toolkit

The latest release of MoneyBrilliant Partner Access includes our new Connector for Salesforce and enhancements to our Partner Toolkit.

Connector for Salesforce
Partners using Salesforce can now configure MoneyBrilliant Partner Access to automatically synchronise customer data from MoneyBrilliant to their own instance of Salesforce. Connector for Salesforce synchronises Contact, Financial Accounts and Asset & Liability data. It supports Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Synchronising data to Salesforce creates efficiencies and capabilities never before possible. For example, Partners can have new customers sign up for MoneyBrilliant, connect their financial accounts and then have that data synchronised to Salesforce with no manual effort. When MoneyBrilliant updates the customer’s data the data it will automatically update Salesforce. The data in Salesforce can then be used to drive advice, marketing, sales and service process.

MoneyBrilliant Connector for Salesforce is an add-on for the MoneyBrilliant Partner Access and Co-Branding solutions and is licensed separately. Contact us at connect@moneybrilliant.com.au for details

Enhancements to our Partner Toolkit

Following recent enhancements to the Partner Toolkit to add new charts and account balance history we’ve now added automatic management of income and spending custom subcategories and co-branding of reports and charts.

Now, whenever you import a customer’s data any custom subcategories will be added into the Toolkit automatically.

You can also import and brand logo into the Toolkit and it will automatically add the logo to all reports and charts.

The latest version of the Toolkit is available for download from Partner Access.

If you or your clients have an account at a financial institution we cannot currently connect to please let us know by sending an email to connect@moneybrilliant.com.au

Don’t just be good with money, be MoneyBrilliant.

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