Need some help getting your debt under control? Join our Manage My Debt program

If you need some help to get your debt under control, we could have just the thing!

From July 2019 we are piloting our Manage My Debt program.

During this 6 month program, we will help you to:

  • get a clear understanding of your financial position including your debt
  • develop the right mindset to manage your debt
  • build a debt management plan and stick to it
  • regularly review your progress

We will also help you get the most from the MoneyBrilliant service. You will also have access to an experienced Money Coach and a private Facebook group to share your experience with other program participants.

The Manage My Debt program follows on from our very successful MoneyBrilliant Boot Camps. More than 700 people have now completed Boot Camp. Here are comments from a couple of them

The going is tough and it demands a lot of discipline to forego certain luxuries, but I can see the rewards and that’s what motivates me to stick with the plan. The reading material that you have been including with the weekly tasks have been really good in providing more perspective and future reference. I must say they’ve been well put together in an easy to understand way for a non-financial person. I am enjoying them thoroughly. – Blessing

The Money Brilliant Boot Camp gave me the clarity and support I needed to get me on the right track with my money. The weekly tasks were simple to understand and follow and by the end of the camp, I finished with some actual real savings and a great framework for my future financial security. The MB team were super friendly and their non-judgment and support towards my issues and questions about money is the main reason I would highly recommend this camp to anyone needing some help getting on track with their money. A huge thank you to Jen and the MB team!! – Bridget

Keep an eye out for an invitation to sign up to a our Manage My Debt Program shortly, or if you are interested already, send an email to

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