Money Management app of the Year – MoneyBrilliant

A review of some of the top money management apps in the market today by comparison site has crowned MoneyBrilliant as the best of the best for Aussies spenders and savers.

The Mozo Experts Choice Money Management Apps Award put some of the most popular apps for managing your finances through their paces to find out which ones not only gave Aussies a space to track and categorise their spend, but offered extra functionality like bill alerts, downloadable data and budget guidance.

MoneyBrilliant connects to more banks than any other app in the running and beat apps with monthly fees as high as $20, and offerings from major banks.

“MoneyBrilliant is now one of the most functional money management apps in the world. We help customers to make better decisions about how they spend their money. Of course we do the basic things like budgeting and spending analysis but we also help customers use their own data to make sure they are getting the best deals on all the products and services they use including credit cards, savings accounts, transaction accounts, gas and electricity. Spending less on these things means people have more money to spend on the things that really matter to them”, according to MoneyBrilliant’s CEO, Peter Lalor

“Usability, functionality and cost were the three major factors we looked at when comparing money management apps. MoneyBrilliant performed on all three counts – in fact, the free version of the MoneyBrilliant app outdid many paid versions of other offerings,” said Mozo Data Manager and expert judge, Peter Marshall.

“One thing we thought was really impressive was the ability to compare yourself to people like you, with features like Insurance Tracking and Bill Watch for your electricity and gas bills. That kind of added insight is the kind of thing that can really help Aussies save big time.”

Marshall said that MoneyBrilliant was scored highly for having an extensive list of connected banking institutions, very detailed and flexible expense categorisation, and a range of services including budgeting tools, bill watch, tax deduction tagging and Find Better Deals.
“MoneyBrilliant also showed a willingness to keep on improving the service, which was really important for us,” Marshall added.

“We were looking to identify a one-stop shop for managing your finances – to answer the question, if you only had one money app on your phone, what should it be? According to our analysis, the answer for a lot of Aussies is MoneyBrilliant.”

About the Mozo Experts Choice Awards
The Mozo Experts Choice Awards are an initiative that recognises Australia’s best value products and helps Australians to save money by choosing better products. Experts Choice Awards are given to those products that represent the best value in their category. Mozo collected information for 9 money management apps available in Australia. Of those, 8 met our minimum criteria, and these were then examined in detail. The information collection was conducted between 26 October to November 8, 2018.

Mozo compares more than 1,800 products from over 200 banking, insurance and energy providers to help thousands of Australians find a better deal each month via its award-winning comparison tools and calculators. As one of the most visited comparison sites in Australia, our team of experts routinely provides financial commentary and advice for major news outlets in Australia.

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