Have loads of fun AND stick to your budget this Easter

4 days off. Bliss. It’s ever so tempting to chill out, switch your mind off and go where your mood takes you. Brunch every day? Yes, please. Cocktails, dinner, and more drinks? Don’t mind if I do. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. 

But wait! You could keep your hard earned cash in the bank and make Easter a time to remember even without spending big bucks.

Before the weekend arrives, check your Lifestyle Budget, and see where you’re at. You might be entitled to go crazy!

Otherwise, keep reading…..

Where to hang for less

Want some ideas for where to hang and not spend too much?  Check our family friendly activities in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane.

If your city isn’t included, or you want to share more ideas for any city, pop your suggestion in the comments. Share the joy. Recommendations are a great way to find new things to see and do.

Australia seems to be cooling down, which is great for outdoor activities. Go for a walk on your favourite beach. Pack drinks and food and take a hike anywhere, up a hill, a mountain, through a rainforest.

If you are tempted by the delights of a meat and cheese board, with some bubbles to wash it down, DIY.  It’s easy.  Swing by the supermarket & bottle shop and make yourself and your favourite person (or people) a real treat.

Have some fun in the kitchen making Easter treats

Not only is it less expensive to make your own treats, people will value the time and effort you have put into it. A wonky bunny who’s ear fell off? That’s so much fun! Even more fun than one with perfectly folded alfoil from the shop. Guess which one the kids (and big kids) will reminisce over in years to come?

BBC have some great Easter egg making tips. Do your own googling to find nut free, health conscious or paleo recipes galore.

And don’t forget the hot cross buns. Dust off the bread maker, or harness your inner baking god or goddess and get your hands dirty. Baking treats straight out of the oven and fresh beats store bought any day of the week!

Going on a trip?

Time your visit to the petrol station. Petrol prices have a tendency to increase over the long weekend.

And remember – double demerit points. These vary state to state, but take it easy on the accelerator and avoid a fine and the unpleasantness of having to front up hundreds of dollars to get somewhere 5 minutes earlier. It’s not worth it!!

Happy Easter

Whatever you do, enjoy your time off! Keep an eye on your spending, you really don’t want to come back to work with a spending hangover.

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