Get 3% off at Woolworths Supermarkets

It's pretty easy to get a 3% discount on groceries at Woolworths if you know where to look. Unlike the Coles discount, which seems to be only available for AGL and RACQ customers, Woolworths discounted Gift Cards are accessible to many. This is great news for Woolworths shoppers! And even those shoppers who do just some of their grocery purchasing at Woolworths.  How to get a 3% discount As a member or customer of certain organisations, you will be able to purchase Gift Cards or e-Gift Cards at a 3% discount. After purchase, you will receive an email confirmation from Woolworths. Your gift cards will then be delivered by email or by post depending on whether you chose eGift cards or Classic Gift Cards. When you receive your card you simply take it shopping with you if it’s a plastic Classic Gift Card. For electronic Gift Cards, you can choose to save the card to your Woolworths Money app or print and use. Want to know how much you can save? Click here for your year to date Woolworth's transactions in your MoneyBrilliant spending report. Customise to see how much you spent last month, or last year and multiply that by 3% to work out the discount you could have received by purchasing Gift Cards before shopping. For example, spending an average of $100 per week using a gift card, is a savings of $3 per week and $156 per year. Where to purchase Gift Cards The membership benefits programs that currently give you access to discounted Gift Cards are: RACQ (QLD residents) RACV (VIC residents) RAA (SA residents) RAC (WA residents) RACT (TAS residents) AGL Rewards  Entertainment Book NSW Senior Card Holders NIB Health Rewards How to purchase Gift Cards 1. Go to the website of the organisation you belong to and log in. 2. From there you will have to navigate around to find where you can purchase the WISH cards. 3. Purchase your WISH cards by completing the appropriate online form. Generally, you will be able to purchase either a “Classic Gift Card” (which is a plastic card that will be posted to you) or an “eGift card” (which is an electronic card that will be emailed to you). The eGift card is very convenient and we would generally recommend you use that option. Having a gift card posted to you may incur a charge, and that reduces the savings you make. 4. For maximum convenience and if you are going to make regular use of eGift cards you should probably download the Woolworths Money App and load your cards onto the app. You can download the app from the app store (Apple phones) or the play store (Android phones). 5. Once the app is installed you can add the eGift card details to the app. The app will track your card balances and store the card numbers and PINs. How do I use the card? When you are in store at a checkout you simply enter the card number and PIN instead of paying with cash or a credit card. If you are shopping online you simply enter the card number and PIN instead of your credit card details. Woolworths will not replace lost or stolen cards – so treat them like cash. Use the app to store the card details to reduce the chance of losing them and always keep the original email confirming your purchase. Don’t buy cards too far in advance of when you will use them – otherwise, you lose any opportunity to earn interest on the money you use to buy the cards and Woolworths earn it instead. The best approach is to simply buy the cards as you need them each week or each month. *Updated 2 November 2020

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