Get 3% off at Coles Supermarkets

Updated: 27 May 2021

For a few years, we have been sharing the love of WISH e-gift cards and saving a % on your shopping across the Woolworths brands. The best deal we can find at the moment is 4% off your grocery spend at Woolworths. 

We have noticed that Coles Supermarkets now have e-Gift Cards with a 3% discount to AAMI Lucky Club customers and a 2% discount to AGL customers.

This is great news for Coles shoppers! Before you log into your or AGL Rewards portal and stock up, there are a few things you might want to know.

Credit Card payment incurs a surcharge:

  • Paying by Credit Card will incur a 1% surcharge
  • Paying by EFT/Direct Deposit will not incur a surcharge and your total savings will be the same % as offered, i.e. 3% for AAMI and 2% for AGL.

This is what you will need to know to buy your e-Coles Gift Cards via AGL:

  • Your AGL Rewards number
  • The email address you registered with AGL Rewards

These are the steps you will need to follow to purchase your e-Gift Cards:

  • Sign in to AGL Rewards
  • Select Search Rewards
  • Either search for Coles or Select Browse Gift Cards
  • Click on the Cart and use the drop-down box to select the value of your Coles Gift Card
  • In your cart enter your address details and payment method
  • If paying by credit card, note that you will be paying an additional $1 per $100, enter your details and complete the purchase
  • If paying by direct deposit note down the payment account and instructions although you will also receive an email confirming them
  • Finalise your payment and your E-Gift cards will be emailed you.

Want to know how much you can save?

Head to your MoneyBrilliant spending report and search for Coles transactions. Check how much you spent last month, so far this year or last year, and multiply that by 3% to work out the discount you could have received by purchasing Gift Cards before shopping.

For example, spending an average of $100 per week using a gift card, is a savings of $3 per week and $156 per year.

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