Explaining electricity prices in the Northern Territory

Electricity prices in the Northern Territory are regulated by the NT Government.

Residential electricity consumers are able to choose their electricity retailer from a small group of licensed electricity retailers but the prices the retailers charge are regulated.

Electricity retailers include:

EDL NGD (NT) Pty Ltd

Next Business Energy

Jacana Energy

QEnergy Limited

Rimfire Energy Pty Ltd


Saving money on your electricity bill

Due to the lack of competition in the Northern Territory electricity market, MoneyBrilliant can’t analyse your electricity bills and find you a better deal.

Reducing your electricity costs comes down to your eligibility for a subsidy and knowing how you can reduce your bill by changing your usage habits.

Check here to see you if you are eligible for concessions:


Tips for reducing energy consumption around your home

  • If you have a time of use meter, do your clothes & dishwashing outside of peak times
  • Know which appliances are expensive to run & minimise use – e.g. clothes dryer, air conditioner, heater
  • Turn off switches when appliances are not in use – e.g. television, microwave, lights, fans
  • Wash clothes in cold water as much as possible
  • Be efficient in your use of washing machines & dishwashers – make sure you have a full load
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  • In winter use rugs & door stops to block gaps in doors and naturally warm your home
  • If you are going away for more than a few days, turn your hot water heater off. There’s no point keeping the water hot if there is no one there to use it!

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