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The cost of electricity and gas has risen significantly in recent years. The media attention this issue has been given has provided the motivation for people to talk more and compare prices, however by not shopping around, 70% of us are still paying 20% more than we need to for our electricity. 

Electricity and gas retailers talk about rising wholesale prices and while there is truth in that, it is only one side of the story as the retailers continue to report huge profits.

MoneyBrilliant’s Bill Watch feature has been designed to help you find the lowest cost electricity and gas plans for your usage in your area. This is a good first step to decreasing your energy bills.

For customers who meet certain criteria, most typically pensioners and low-income earners, there are further concessions you can apply for. These vary state by state and are set by the state government.

In Tasmania, eligible customers may apply for the following annual rebates:


  • $1.4074 per day ($513.70 p.a.) to assist with electricity costs

To be eligible you need to hold one of the following:

  • DHS or DVA Pensioner Concession Card
  • ImmiCard (Bridging Visa E)
  • DHS Health Care Card
  • Tasmanian Concession Card (issued by the Department of Premier & Cabinet)

The property must be your principal place of residence and the electricity bill must be in your name. You can apply online or by completing an application form. For questions, contact your electricity retailer directly.

You may be entitled to additional energy concessions depending on your circumstances. For a full list and for further detail on the above concessions, read here:

Updated 12 November, 2019

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