Dining & Eating out – just as much fun for less money

In January, we surveyed our customers and found out that most people were setting New Year’s Resolutions around their money. Nearly 60% of our customers aimed to spend less in the Dining, Bars & Café category.

Have you explored our new People Like Me feature? If you’re on desktop have a look and see how much you have spent on Dining, Bars & Cafes so far this year. In the app, go to the Manage My Spending dashboard and check it out. It shows you how much you have spent compared to others in the same income bracket, state, age group or within the same Net Worth bracket.

Tips on eating out for less 

For some of us what we spend at restaurants, bars and cafes is all about convenience, for others, it’s just fun! This spending category can be controlled. It’s a lifestyle category, and you could live without it. But if you love your mid-morning coffee, and just can’t go past a night out, there are ways to spend less without impacting your experience.

Here are 5 of our favourite tips for spending a little less when we go out:

#1 BYO

If you like to enjoy a few drinks with dinner, have a scout around the area and find a restaurant where you can take your own bottle. Just a few drinks each and you can easily reduce your bill by $30.

#2 Eat less

How many times do you leave bursting at the seams? Perhaps you could share an entrée or dessert rather than having one to yourself. There can be a fair amount of wasted food at restaurants. Ordering one course less is an easy saving of $10.

#3 Have a coffee at home

2 take away coffees per weekday is $40 per week. Cut it down to 1 and you’ve saved yourself $1,000 over the year. Use that money to buy a coffee machine, and save yourself even more over the next few years.

#4 Use the Entertainment Book, Groupon and Scoopon

Over the years, I’ve met people who don’t like to use coupons. But over the last few years, it seems to be less of an issue. There is plenty of variety across these options, and savings often start at 25%.

#5 Don’t rush to buy at the bar

There are all sorts of tricks to help you spend less on a night out. Check out the menu prices before you purchase and see if it’s less expensive to buy a bottle rather than 3 or 4 glasses. Alternatively set yourself a limit, bring cash and leave the card at home. When it’s all gone, take it as a sign to switch to water or head home.


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