Check your automatic payments and save

Paying for things by direct debit is convenient. On the flip side, it’s easy to be complacent and not check them to make sure you are being charged correctly. 

This week we saved a new client $1,000 when MoneyBrilliant showed her she was paying for two car insurance policies.

Unhappy with the deal she was offered by her old insurer she had shopped around to find a better deal and moved to a new insurer.

What she hadn’t realised (and the old insurer didn’t go out of their way to highlight) was that the old policy simply auto-renewed.

Sure, it’s documented in the Product Disclosure Statement – but it’s easy to overlook and unfortunately most people probably don’t read them anyway.

MoneyBrilliant Plus costs $9.90 a month but if it saves you $1000 that’s great value! And of course, we have MoneyBrilliant Basic which is free.

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