Cheap or free flu shots in 2021

Flu season is coming up and health authorities are warning us it’s as important as ever to get the flu vaccine.

The Department of Health has released guidelines around the timing of flu shots and the COVID-19 vaccination. They recommend getting the vaccines at least 14 days apart, so if you’re getting your COVID-19 immunisation early in the program, they suggest waiting to get your flu shot, and if you’re getting it later in the program, getting your flu shot early is recommended.

In addition, the benefits of continuing to practice social distancing, good health hygiene, sneezing into your elbow, and staying home when you are sick will help to slow the spread of both the flu and COVID-19.

The Federal Government’s National Immunisation Program and State Government funding means some people can get a flu shot for free. This includes:

  • children aged six months to five years (new in 2020)
  • anyone aged 65 and over
  • pregnant women
  • all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over six months old
  • people with medical conditions such as heart disease, severe asthma, chronic lung conditions, diabetes, haematological disorders, renal disease and children between 6 months and 10 years old on long term aspiring therapy

You can get the flu shot at your GP or a pharmacy or at a local council or community health clinic. Sometimes, even though the flu vaccine is free you’ll have to pay a fee to the doctor or pharmacy, so ring ahead and check.

Follow the specific instructions provided to you but in general don’t go to have the flu shot if you are already unwell or are in COVID-19 isolation, don’t spend longer than necessary in a doctor’s surgery or pharmacy, make use of the hand sanitiser facilities that will be provided and observe social distancing recommendations.

If you don’t qualify for a free flu shot check around for the best price. We found pharmacies offering flu shots for between $14.99 (Chemist Warehouse) and $24.95 (Terry White, Priceline). It could be a whole lot cheaper than getting the flu, taking time off work, and having to visit a doctor!

This year pharmacies can give flu shots to anyone 10 years of age or older.

Where PriceBookings
AMCALMore DetailsPrice varies by pharmacyBook & pay online
Chemist WarehouseMore Details$14.99Book & pay online
National PharmaciesMore Details$19.99 or $13.99 for membersBook & pay online
Pharmacy 777More Details$19.95Book & pay online
PricelineMore Details$24.95Book online or through the Priceline pharmacy app
Ramsay PharmacyMore DetailsPrice varies by pharmacyBook & pay online
Terry White ChemistsMore Details$24.95
Book & pay online

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