Celebrating NYE 2021 on a budget

Key points:

  • Celebrate the end of 2020 with family and friends with some of our budget ideas
  • Don’t let the easing of restrictions include an easing of your personal budget at this time of year!
  • After months of lock downs for some Australians, think about quality time with loved ones instead of worrying about spending lots of money. 

What a year we’ve just had! Everyone will be glad to see the end of 2020 and that 2021 brings a fresh start for us all.

2020 will forever be remembered for the lack of toilet paper available on the supermarket shelves, ‘to mask or not to mask’, social distancing, closed state and international borders, home schooling, lockdown and ‘ISO’ everything. As we see COVID-19 restrictions easing in Australia, many might feel that New Year’s Eve will be a chance to catch up with friends and family to farewell the end of what been to most, a very difficult year.

So how can you celebrate NYE on a budget? NYE extravaganzas will look different this year as many fireworks shows have been cancelled or will require strict COVID safe plans to enable participation.  Here are some ideas to think about instead:

– Invite your friends over and have a house party – catch up at someone’s house and get everyone to bring a plate of food and BYO drinks/alcohol – this can be as simple as sausages on the BBQ or packs of chips, to cheese/cracker platters which can be put together fairly simply and cheaply from your local supermarket or deli.

– Cocktails are always fun at NYE – get everyone to choose a cocktail and bring the ingredients – people can take turns being bartender! Introduce some yummy ‘virgin’ cocktails for throughout the night to ensure responsible (and potentially cheaper) drinking

– Progressive dinners are fun – start at one end of the street and take turns with each house preparing a simple dish. Catch up with your neighbours and have a street party – not far to go home when you’ve had enough of the party too!

– Camping – a lot of Australians see in the new year from a campsite or at the beach

– What about an old fashioned ‘How to Host a Murder’ party?

– Scavenger Hunts are fun for kids and adults alike – choose a theme and depending on the crowd, stay close to home or venture around your local neighbourhood

– Board game night! Pictionary, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit or for the adults – Cards against Humanity are always good crowd pleasers. Don’t have any board games? Don’t go and buy one just for NYE! What about Never ever – or Truth and Dare!! Consider doing your games night virtually with friends around the country!

– Find a BYO restaurant – always makes the night out a little less painful on the budget

– Picnic – enjoy the long summer days and have a sunset picnic, BYO sparklers and glowsticks!

– Celebrate with the kids at 6pm – get the kids involved and have a ‘special’ dessert together and talk about your dreams and goals for 2021. 

– Go to bed – lets be honest, who else finds NYE a bit tiring? Start the new year a fresh by going to bed early and waking up to the new year with a clear head.

Happy New Year from all the team at MoneyBrilliant!

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