CBA to pay additional super payments to approx. 7,000 current & previous part-time staff

The Commonwealth Bank have reviewed their position on superannuation payments to part-time employees after the Financial Services Union (FSU) approached them earlier this year. 

As a result, the Commonwealth Bank will be paying superannuation on additional single time hours worked by part-time employees. This affects current and previous employees of the bank who have worked at CBA in a part-time capacity since 2009. Affected employees will receive the superannuation, interest and potentially have their leave entitlements adjusted.

CBA will be making back payments for the previous eight years to existing and past employees who are entitled to these payments. They have commenced an internal review of pay records of all current and former part-time employees to identify where additional superannuation payments were unpaid.

The FSU estimates that over 7,000 people may be affected. If you or somebody you know think you may be entitled to this, you can contact CBA directly.

CBA have said that this process should be completed by June this year.

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