Bonus for NSW Families – Creative & Active Kids Vouchers

Key Points

  • The Creative Kids program has been changed to make it better suited to the circumstances of COVID-19
  • Creative Kids vouchers can now be redeemed for cultural and creative activities that support the 2020 school curriculum, activities and programs delivered online, and creative supplies, equipment and materials through approved Creative Kids providers
  • NSW families can get 1 $100 Creative Kids voucher and 2 $100 Active Kids vouchers for each school age child to assist with fees for creative activities and sporting activities

Active Kids Program

NSW families are entitled to 2 $100 Active Kids Vouchers each year for each school age child to contribute to the costs of kids sporting activities. The first voucher is available between January and July, and the other between July and December each year.

Creative Kids Programs

NSW families are also entitled to a $100 voucher each year, for each school age child, to contribute to the costs associated with creative activities. The range of activities covered by the Creative Kids Vouchers has been extended to include activities and programs delivered online making it more suitable for COVID-19 circumstances.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for these vouchers is not means-tested. Every child that is an NSW resident enrolled in school, is between the ages of 4.5 and 18 years and holds a current Medicare Card is eligible.

Applying for the Vouchers

The Active Kids Voucher can be applied for through Service NSW. You will need to have a Service NSW account and your child’s Medicare Details.

The Creative Kids voucher can also be applied for through Service NSW. You will need to have a Service NSW account and your child’s Medicare Details. You can also find out more information about eligible & ineligible activities at Service NSW.

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