How Bill Watch Works


Bill Watch is a new feature in MoneyBrilliant designed to save you money on household bills like electricity and gas. MoneyBrilliant uses the information from the bills you set up, usage information you provide and a database of virtually all the electricity and gas plans available in Australia to find you cheaper options.

Its like a giant calculator that is easy and quick to use.

Because we include virtually every electricity and gas plan available in the country and we don’t allow advertising revenue to influence our rankings you get objective suggestions.

And it’s not just a once off analysis like you get from a comparison web site. MoneyBrilliant is always in the background, regularly checking your products against the others in the market and doing the cost comparison for you. Whenever we find a cheaper product or a product that might earn you more we’ll let you know.

What types of products and services does it work with? 

Currently Bill Watch works with gas and electricity bills. We are working hard to add other products and services in the future. Basically anything that Australian households spend lots of money on where we think we can help get people a better deal by doing all the hard work for them will be in our sights.

At the moment there are some particularly complex plans that we haven’t included in our analysis (these plans have demand based pricing), but we are working to include these as well.

You should also keep in mind that we don’t include “incentives” that some energy companies provide. These include things like movie tickets. Our view is if you get the best deal on your electricity and gas you can probably afford to buy your own movie tickets for a cinema of your choice at a time when you need them! But if these things are important to you then you should consider them.

How do you setup Bill Watch?

First, you must setup your Bills in the Manage My Spending Dashboard.

Second, you can provide additional information for any bills that work with Bill Watch by tapping on the Bill Watch tile on the Manage My Spending dashboard. Here you can provide additional information about tariffs and usage levels from a recent bill.

Then you can sit back and relax, confident that MoneyBrilliant will do the hard work for you by comparing your bill to all the other products available to you and finding up to 5 that we think will be cheaper. When we find them we’ll send you a notification and you can check them out.

Other things to know

We include virtually all (but not absolutely all) electricity and gas plans in the market. We don’t actively avoid any providers we have found that some plans are so complex it is difficult to calculate potential costs and savings for them. Some people would suggest this is a deliberate tactic on the part of energy retailers to confuse us! We are working to include these plans as well, but it’s only a handful of the thousands of plans available in Australia.

We use the data you provide to estimate annual supply and usage charges and discounts. This estimate may vary from your actual usage and so may the costs of your actual energy usage.

We don’t take into account non monetary incentives such as movie tickets. If these are important to you, you will need to consider them yourself.

Our calculations make use of publicly available pricing information about electricity and gas plans. This data may not be correctly disclosed by energy retailers and it is subject to change. You should check the costs and benefits of plans you are interested in and confirm these details with energy retailers if you are considering changing plans.

Energy retailers will often negotiate special, private deals with individual customers to retain them or win them. These special deals aren’t publicly disclosed so we don’t know about them (and regulators seem quite happy for energy retailers to do this it’s unlikely to change). So you may be able to get a better deal from an energy retailer than the deals we know about. It will often pay to ask!

Does MoneyBrilliant receive product commissions or referral fees for this service?

No, we don’t receive and product commissions or referral fees from any product provider for this service.

If you have any questions about MoneyBrilliant Bill Watch please contact us at

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