7 Ways to Save in the 7 weeks to Christmas

Christmas doesn’t have to be crazy busy and costly. Some preparation between now and then and a few little tweaks to the way you do things can help you stockpile some money for the Silly Season!

We share our top (not too hard to achieve) 7 tips: 

Drop a habit

Anything you want! Think about where your money goes, and what you can sacrifice for 7 weeks to build up some funds.

  • Drop a midweek bottle of wine at $15 a pop, $105 over 7 weeks
  • Give up that weekday chocolate bar, save $3 a day, also $105 over 7 weeks
  • Buy the weekday chocolate bar at Coles or Woolies, save $2 a day, $70 over 7 weeks
  • Have one less takeaway coffee a week, that’s $28

Make the commute for less

How much do you spend travelling to work, study or going out?

  • Exchange a weekly taxi or Uber for the bus
  • Walk a bit and get off or on the bus a zone earlier
  • Ride instead of drive, walk instead of bus, research your options

Make money from stuff you don’t use

Take a look around your house, in your cupboards, and at the back of your drawers. Do you have things stashed away that rarely or never see the light of day?

  • If you have lots, have a garage sale
  • If you have a little, make eBay, Gumtree or Buy/Sell/Swap sites work for you

Bring your lunch to work

We hear this all the time…. right? We are talking about 7 weeks here.

  • Exchange bringing for buying one day a week, and that’s about $70 over 7 weeks
  • Do it 2 days and that’s $140

Earn more

You heard it! If you want to find some more money, but don’t want to give up your luxuries, is there anything you can do to earn some extra?

  • Overtime at work
  • Babysitting, dog walking, mowing lawns, delivering catalogues
  • Market research, mystery shopping

Grocery shop smartly

How many of us, hand on heart can say that we always escape impulse buys? Anything from that tub of ice-cream through to that new pair of shoes……

  • Try online grocery shopping through the catalogue – take advantage of half-price specials
  • Find a supermarket that’s not in a shopping mall & go there instead 

Review your bank statements

It’s amazing what you can find!

  • Ask the bank to waive the annual fee on your credit card
  • Compare interest rates, and if yours isn’t competitive, ask for lower
  • Check your statements for automatic debits going out for services you no longer use

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