6 weeks to Christmas: 6 gift ideas

Christmas again! 6 weeks and counting. Maybe you’re excited or maybe you’re in denial like me. Either way, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. We share our 6 favourite gift ideas to cover the non-existent to the slightly extravagant budget. Happy gifting! The Gift of Time $0 Just because it doesn’t cost anything, doesn’t mean its value is low. Look around you at your loved ones, and consider who they are and what makes them happy. Do you have somebody who needs help to paint a room, or declutter their garage? Go online and make a voucher, put in a date or time, and expiry date, print and it's ready to go. Here are some suggestions:
  • 3 garden tidy ups (or lawn mowing)
  • 1-night babysitting
  • 5 car washes
  • Massage/Nails/Make-over session
The Entertainment book $70 This is an awesome purchase and available annually, with part of the cost going to charity or fundraising efforts. Potentially it can save the recipient $100s if not $1000s during the year. The Entertainment Book is available in paper or digital. Find an organisation that you’d like to support and see if they sell the book. We’ve included 2 options for you: Experiences $30 - $500 Memories are made from experiences more than materials. From something as simple as a movie or afternoon tea to gifting a hot balloon or diving experience. You can find something to suit your budget and your gift recipients. Some places to look:
  • Red Balloon
  • Groupon and Scoopon
Magazine subscription $25 - $80 The gift that gives all year. What nicer than having a monthly reminder that somebody loves you enough to figure out what interests you and subscribe to a magazine for you? Always shop around for a discount, the Entertainment Book has discounts as do other sites: The gift of Investing or giving to charity Are there little ones or big ones that you want to do something for or with? Do you want to share a love of investing? Or teach them the joy of giving to somebody less fortunate to themselves?
  • Investing: Shares, Term Deposits or Bonds
  • Charity: find a charity online that coincides with your (or their) interests
MoneyBrilliant Plus Plan (annual) $99 Do you have somebody in your family who would benefit from some help with their finances? MoneyBrilliant Plus plan is a great way to help them get their finances on track. To find out more about gifting an annual plan to a friend or family member please contact support@moneybrilliant.com.au Related Articles – 10 savvy ways to save in the 10 weeks to Christmas 8 weeks to Christmas: 8 ways to set yourself up to repay debt Knowledge is power

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