$5m in credit card fees being refunded to Citibank, Virgin Money and Bank of Queensland customers

Citibank announced today that it was refunding almost $5 million in overseas transaction fees to almost 230,000 customers. The refunds are being paid to holders of Citibank, Virgin Money and Bank of Queensland credit cards (Citibank provides cards to Virgin Money and Bank of Queensland).

Citibank acknowledged that it had not clearly disclosed that credit card customers would be charged fees on transactions made in Australian dollars with overseas businesses or Australian businesses that used overseas institutions to process payment transactions. Customers had been charged fees on these transactions. 

Citibank has agreed to refund the fees that were charged and interest on the fees.

The fees and charges for financial products can be difficult for customers to understand – particularly when disclosure isn’t clear.

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Finally, if you want to transact at overseas merchants at no cost there are credit cards on the market that will allow you to do just that, so it pays to check out your options.

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